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Answers to CSE (P) 2005 General Studies (Series A)

Q.No Regarding Option Ans
1 Persons; Area of Work 4,5,2,3 d
2 Statements (Stm) on UN Charter 2, 3 c
3 Persons & Known as 2,3,41 b
4 Border Lithuania Ukraine b
5 Balearic Islands Med. Sea a
6 Pak. towns P,I,G,M c
7 Match Nicara:Belmopan c
8 Sites/Monuments 1,2,3,4 d
9 Airport Cochin B
10 Liberhan Ayodhya d
11 Stm on Dutch Dutch defeated b
12 Persons & Org 4,1,2,3 b
13 Stm on Plants Rourkela a
14 e-Chaupal ITC a
15 Satara Wind b
16 Stm on Vigyan None a
17 Stm on LPG 1 a
18 persons, hometowns Bhopal c
19 College Comm or Med d
20 In Bhopal Gopal or Inder c
21 Combination  J � A � E b
22 Deceptive Wts 200/9 d
23 Railway Station tickets (48+6)x2 d
24 Aryan & Dog 1200 D
25 Triangles 120 x 36 c
26 Plants & States 3, 1, 2,5 d
27 Densities Gold>Merc>Steel b
28 S Venkatesh Football c
29  Wo/Men in bus 36 b
30 Cont. 20 Parts 3 c
31 Ch�man of Const Nehru c
32 Air Comamnd Jabalpur c
33 Publication & Gp 1, 2, 3 b
34 Enterprise & Ind Gp 2, 3, 4 d
35 Bandung Indonesia c
36 Business woman &Comp 2,1, 4, 3 d
37 Sq into 9 sqs. 81 d
38 6 persons none d
39 Tirupur garments c
40 Project & Comp Jajpur a
41 Virtual Water Com. Or Service b
42 US Consti 2, 3 d
43 City & river 4,3,2,1 d
44 Cities & monsoon Kochi-Kol, Patna, Dlh c
45 Tamil Singapore d
46 Location & News 3,4,1,2 b
47 UK PMs Wilson c
48 South Africa Cape Town d
49 UP Border 2,3,4 b
50 10 coins 4 a
51 Triangle and `n� 256 C
52 Ten particles �^10 X
53 6 persons 58 D
54 300 persons 55 c
55 Ind Railways 3 B
56 NP/WL & States 4,3,21, B
57 Bharat Ratna RK D
58 Spanish DR Congo C
59 Country-Parliam 2,3,4,1 B
60 %Earth Area A-NA-SA-E B
61 Pairs Seiken A
62 Kyoto 1,3 b
63 Stms on Earth 3 d
64 Capitals Brisbane d
65 Stms : HC 2,3 a
66 Itaipu Brazil-Para c
67 Census 2001 Mahara b
68 Stms SC 2 b
69 Stms Art 300 A 2 a
70 Lasers Maiman a
71 Stms Art 371 1 d
72 Stms Part IX 1,2 c
73 Stms Simla Conf  & Navy 2 b
74 Revolt 1857 Chitor b
75 Kuwar Singh Bihar a
76 Movement -persons 1,2,3 d
77 UP Kisan JLN c
78 Karachi Session JLN b
79 Oct-20 MN Roy d
80 CWC Lahore b
81 Act 1935 Pb d
82 Stms Quite India 1,2,3 d
83 Ghadar revolution North America b
84 Komagata Naval c
85 Fabianism Beasant a
86 Buddha Temple China a
87 ASEAN China b
88 Lok Adalat 1,2,3 c
89 Person ; award 1,2,3 b
90 BSNL 1 c
91 Stms on Booker 1 a
92 Forest area 1,2 c
93 Stms North East NE India b
94 Sportspersons: Games 3,4,2,1 c
95 Tennis 2,3,1,5 b
96 Stms on Family 2,3 c
97 98th Amd (Jud Comm)   b
98 Stms.Cenusus Pondi D
99 Stms Global Trust Neither d
100 Hiv/Aid Bangkok A
101 Stms MOP Gene.modified c
102 Names old-New Ghana c
103 Stms Chhattisgarh 1,2 c
104 Jeane Haiti b
105 Stms. Silent Valley 2 b
106 Investment Comm Birla d
107 Stm Protozoan 3 b
108 Food & Nutri Board HRD c
109 Diseases 1,2,3,4 d
110 Power Station:States 1,3,4,2 b
111 Defen Phalcon b
112 Silk - sugar 1,2 c
113 My Music Shankar c
114 Sahariya Rajasthan c
115 Davis Cup Spain-US b
116 Stms Battles Ambur, Plassey b
117 Stm. Hastings 1,2,3 d
118 GoI 1935 1,2,3 d
119 Contemporary Milinda c
120 Pneumocon Coal b
121 VM Reddy Open heart b
122 Stm Earth 1,2,3 a
123 Human Body 10^4 b
124 Stm Geostat. 2 b
125 STm Anhydrous 2,3 b
126 Forex 1,2 c
127 FICCI Kunwar c
128 Bose Forward Blk d
129 Meets/Summits 3 a
130 Russian Parliament 1 d
131 Stm on UK 1,2 c
132 Stm osmosis Neither d
133 STm. Poverty Reduction 1,2 c
134 Stm Sensex 2 a
135 Stm ISO, 2,3 c
136 Stm RTC 2,3 b
137 Stm Ishwar Chand 1,2 b
138 Vern. Press Act Ripon b
139 St Helens USA d
140 West Ghats WG relati Higher a
141 Gandhi Sagar Chambal a
142 Stm Hills Nalla-Javadi- c
143 Biosphere Nallamalai b
144 Ass & Reas Moon   a
145 Ass-Reas Venus   b
146 Ass-Res. Digestion   d
147 Ass-Res Amoeba   c
148 Ass-Res Wind   a
149 Ass-Res LPG   d
150 Ass-Res Diabetes   c

16- Vigyan Prasar is under DST and ISRO's first operational flight of GSLV (GSLV-F01) successfully launched EDUSAT from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota (September 20, 2004)

17 - On April 21, 2005 Royal Dutch Shell commissioned its first liquefied natural gas terminal in India at Hazira in South Gujarat. This is the second LNG terminal in the country, the first being Dahej terminal of Petronet LNG Limited.

22 - [Gain/{True-Less) ]x 100 = (20/90)x100

24- When Rahul starts, Aryan is 200 mt away, with given relative speeds, R will get A in 20 minutes, thus Dog will cover 1200 mt

31- B.R. Ambedkar was Chairman of Drafting Committee, J.B. Kripalani - Fundamental Rights Sub-Committee, Jawaharlal Nehru - Union Powers Committee and Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar - Credential Committee

32 - Armoured Corps Centre and School, Ahmednagar, conducts training in tactical handling of armoured fighting vehicles, driving and maintenance

42- John Quincy Adams (1825-29) was the first President who was the son of a President (Adams John; 1797 -1801)

48- South Africa�s important cities - Pretoria (administrative capital), Cape Town (legislative capital), Bloemfontein (judicial capital)

50 - Turn 4 heads into tails; turn 4 more heads into tails; turn 1 head into tail and 3 tails into heads, and finally turn the remaining 4 head into tail

54 - M + Jm + Jw =160; M+Jm+Jw+W=300-120=80; Jw=35 and W=20 so Total is 55

52 - Prob that a particle will be in a particular half is �, As ten are moving randomly, probability that all will be in the same half = (�)^10 (using Multiplicative law)

55 - For the first time after 1908, the Fairy Queen rolled again in Feb., 1997 from Delhi to Alwar. the steam engine is the oldest working engine in the world.

57 - Lata Mangeshkar and shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan were the last recipients of the award in 2001.

61 - The Seikan Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world; it is 53.8 km in length, 23.3 km of which lie under the Tsugaru Strait that separates Japanese main Island Honshu from Hokkaido.

62 - Montreal Protocol relates with substances that Deplete Ozone Layer

64 - In 1947 with the creation of Pakistan, Karachi not only became capital and premier port of the new country but also a centre for industry, business, and administration. Although Rawalpindi became the interim capital in 1959, some governmental agencies, including the Public Service Commission, remained in Karachi

69 - Forty-Fourth Amd. (1979) repealed some changes introduced by 42nd Amd...it was an era of Janata Govt.

73 - Congress leaders were released from jail after three years in June 1945 to attend the 'Simla Conference' convened by Lord Wavell

85 - Annie Besant joined the Fabian Society and was a close associate of Sydney Webbs, George Bernard Shaw, George Lansbury, Ramsay MacDonald and several other prominent socialists of the time.

86- On Apr 11, 2005 India and China signed a memorandum on the joint construction of an Indian-style Buddhist temple in Luoyang in China

89 - English novelist Upamanyu Chatterjee was among 22 litterateurs selected for the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Awards for 2004.

91 - The Man Booker Prize was founded in 1969 by Booker McConnell. Administered by Book Trust in UK, this award is given to the best full-length novel written in English by a citizen of the U.K., the Commonwealth, Eire, Pakistan, or South Africa, In 2004 The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst was Winner

99 - Amalgamation of the Global Trust Bank Ltd. is with the Oriental Bank of Commerce..Thesecond report of the Kelkar Committee, dealing with direct and indirect taxes, has maintained its original recommendation of three tax slabs for income tax along with abolition of all exemptions except those relating to housing loans, senior citizens and women.

101 - The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety is the first international agreement to regulate the transboundary movements of genetically engineered (GE) organisms. The Biosafety Protocol is a subsidiary agreement to UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which was signed by over 150 governments at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, the Protocol itself was agreed in Montreal in January 2000 and came into force September 11, 2003

102 - The old name of Gold Coast is derived from the fact that Ghana is the world's 6th producer of gold, and the 5th of diamonds

105 - Kunthipuzha is a river that originates from the north-eastern side of the SVNPand it is the Nilgiri hills

108 - Food and Nutrition Board was established in 1964 in the then Ministry of Agriculture, �it was transferred to the Department of Women & Child Development (HRD) in pursuance of the National Nutrition Policy in April 1993

124 - Geostationary satellites are positioned at an exact height above the earth (about 36000 Km). At this height they rotate around the earth at the same speed as the earth rotates around its axis, so in effect remaining stationary above a point on the earth (normally directly overhead the equator).

130 - Parliament of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly consists of two chambers - the Council of the Federation and the State Duma ( Russian parliament's lower house).

132 - The solvent molecules move from the solution of low solute concentration to that of higher solute concentration.

147 - Unicellular eukaryotes can reproduce either asexually (by dividing their single cell) or sexually (by mating with another of their kind).

149 - LPG is a petroleum derived, colorless gas, typically comprised of mainly propane, butane, or a combination of these two constituents. Nova Gas has pioneered the development and use of landfill derived methane gas in New Zealand for direct supply to customers as a replacement for natural gas.

150 - It is because of lack of Vassopresin.

Please do share any difference of opinion with due reference.