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  • The learners in the present information age are looking for as much of information as possible  while saving on their time and energies. The enrichment process assumes Herculean dimensions when one is an aspirants for Civil Services. While preparing for general studies component, one has to scan and mange plethora of information and organize themselves to compete and edge out others. 

    e-test Pack (OnLine Tests)

    In view of the wide spectrum of CS GS Exam, these Tests have been devised to sensitize you to the fact that anything that happens, could happen or had happened in and around you virtually constitutes the scope of the exam. Those who enroll for e-test-Pack (OnLine Tests) shall take the on-line mock tests as per their convenience and at their own pace.   On enrolment, an exclusive  "User Name" and "Password" to the enrollee shall be provided by e-mail.  Enrollee shall keep the "User Name" and "Password"  confidential. An array of  Tests, as per the opted scheme, shall be assigned to each enrollee. Each test shall comprise 100 questions. No repeat on any Test shall be permitted. At the end of each Test, a summary on the performance shall be given, as also due time shall be given for having a note on the correctly/incorrectly answered-questions. Once a new test is taken,  the "view result" will cease to give question-wise performance in previous tests.

     Besides they may also request for the STM (Small Test Module) designed to enable the beneficiaries to check their recollection and retention power.



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