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Quick review 1757 to 1857

1757  - Battle of Plassey - most historians believe that the colonization of India began with the battle of Plassey when the British defeated Siraj-u-daula.

1766 - 1769 the British constantly harassed the Nawab of Mysore Hyder Ali and forced him into a humiliating agreement.

1784 - British encroached kingdom of Hyder Ali . ..But his son Tippu Sultan resisted the British.

1799 - British defeated  Tippu Sultan – he died in Srirangapattanam

1805 - Anglo-Maratha War, …British defeated the Marathas and set strong foothold in the Deccan .

1828 - Rajaram Mohan Roy established Brahmo Samaj to fight the evils of Hinduism like Sati, which gains momentum

1829 - The British Administration of William Bentinck banned the Sati system

1846 - Anglo-Sikh War- Sikhs Defeated 

1857 – Revolt  “first war of independence”

Delhi   was led by  Bahadur Shah II and General Bakht Khan.

Kanpur was led by Nana Sahib, Tantiya Tope and Azimullah  Khan.

Lucknow was led by Begum Hazrat Mahal (Awadh), Maulvi Ahmadullah of Faizabad.

Jhansi was led by Rani Laxmi Bai.

Bareilly was led by Khan Bahadur Khan.

Arrah ( Bihar ) was led by Kunwar Singh of Jagdishpur.

Suppression of the Revolt

revolt at Delhi was suppressed with its recapturing on 20 Sept. 1857 by John Nicholson.

revolt at Kanpur was suppressed with its recapturing on 6 December 1857 by Colin Campbell.

 revolt at Lucknow was suppressed with its recapturing on 21 March 1858 by Colin Campbell.

 revolt at Jhansi was suppressed with its recapturing by Hugh Rose.

 revolt at Arrah was suppressed by William Taylor and Eyre.


Fate of the Leaders

Bahadur Shah II was deported to Rangoon , where he died in 1862. His sons were shot dead.

Nana Sahib & Bgum Hazrat Mahal escaped to Nepal

Rani Jhansi died in the battle field.

Tantiya Tope was captured ansd executed on 15th April 1859.


The British Resistance

Delhi   :         Lieutenant Wiiloughby, John Nicholson, Lieutenant Hudson

Kanpur   :     Sir Hugh Wheeler, Sir Colin Campbell

Lucknow   :  Henry Lawrence, Brigadier Ingles, Henry Havelock, James

  Outram  :   Sir Colin Campbell

Jhansi   :     Sir Hugh Rose

  Benaras :   Colonel James Neil

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