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World’s Energy Leaders Meet


World’s Energy Leaders for 2nd Mission Innovation Ministerial and 8th Clean Energy Ministerial.

On June 6, 2017 Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Science & Technology, Environment, Forest & Climate Change and Earth Sciences in his greeting speech on the occasion of Launch Ceremony of Mission Innovation Challenge on Smart Grids in Beijing said: “India is committed to transform the energy landscape of the country with significant clean energy share”.
Grid integration, stability and robustness are the foremost issues which need to be addressed for increasing the share of clean energy.

India has mounted initiative to promote global actions for clean energy.

President of France and PM of India in the presence of UN Secretary General launched International Solar Alliance (ISA) in November 2015 to provide dedicated platform for cooperation among solar resource rich countries beween ‘Tropic of Cancer’ and ‘Tropic of Capricorn’.
GoI has committed to a corpus fund of more than US $ 25 million besides providing space and secretariat expenses for initial 5 years. 31 countries have already joined ISA.

India was also one of the three countries, which took initiative in sowing the seed of ‘Mission Innovation’. These initial efforts culminated into 20 countries joining in November 2015 to launch Mission Innovation. All the MI countries bring significant research prowess and resources in this global endeavour. Community of Mission Innovation has now enlarged to 23 countries and includes European Union.

The laudable objectives of Mission Innovation needed instruments to realise the loftier goals.

All the 20 participating countries have made significant contributions in terms of development of the status reports and identification of research and development priorities. International agencies such as IEA, IRENA, ISGAN, WEF etc. have further strengthened the programme .



India’s plan of setting up 175 GW renewable power capacity by the end of 2022 is fully matched with tremendous progress on the ground.
During the last year alone, the capacity addition of solar energy was more than the cumulative capacities set up till 2015 and our renewable energy capacity has leapfrogged to more than 52 GW.
By 2030, non fossil energy sources will make up 40 percent of installed capacity.

India has funded around US $ 50 million towards national as well as bilateral programmes with Netherlands, UK and US. India has also launched initiatives for renewable forecasting and scheduling, storage technologies, wide area grid measurement, demand response pilots etc. Monitoring, protection and control of grids, forecasting of generation and loads, seamless two way grid operations, systems for large data management, robust and secure communication technologies, devices and components for better functionality,demand side management and storage, etc are important issues for larger as well as micro grids.



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